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Nothing unites a customer base like a cause to rally around. The majority of consumers (85% to be exact) have a better outlook on and prefer businesses and brands that support a charity they care about. Plus, customers that see a meaningful impact behind their purchases will be more likely to return to your business again and again, giving your business long-term and highly profitable relationships.

At Rent Buy Sales, we believe in good relationship and customer care at RBS we give back to our customers every FRIDAY through airtimes and many other gifts assigned. Once we have a following of loyal customers, we will have people advertising us to their friends and family. Our Back To You Promotion plays a big role in keeping customers sticking to our brand.

Rent Buy Sales launched the Back-To-You program in April as a means of rewarding all our loyal customers. Rent Buy Sales Back To You is divided into two different aspects;

  1. Any purchase made on a Friday by visiting our online market at rentbuysales.com, and placing order from there by adding item to cart: You stand the chance of winning yourself very amazing prices from rent Buy sales.
  2. Any purchase made from a flier with the Back To You logo on it: You stand the chance of winning GHS 5 worth of credit, to any network of your choice in Ghana.

Fidelity Card Promotion

Rent Buy Sales Fidelity Card Promotion is an avenue for clients to win up to GHC100 free purchase in any item category with us. We give a stamp on the fidelity card for every GHC 100 purchase made by a client

A client is qualified only when he or she gets up to 10 Stamps on the Fidelity card representing 10 GHC 100 purchases from Rent Buy Sales. The client can now place order for any item with us with a price range of GHC 100.

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