Psychology: The Adaptive Mind

Third Edition

Author : J. S. Nairne

Year of Publish: 2002

Number of Pages: 251

Item code: RBSBFF066-0


Item code: RBSBFF066-0

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This book edition offers a comprehensive look at how psychology works in our everyday lives.

This unique framework supports practical applications and helps students understand how we use psychology to deal with everyday challenges.

This book also emphasizes on the ways particular behaviors, thought processes, and emotions help us solve problems, from memorizing a telephone number to ducking under cover as a building begins to shake to producing a quick physical response in the face of traffic hazards.

Beneath the innovative approach, you’ll find ample coverage of all the traditional topics around which you build your course.

Third Edition.

Published in 2002.

251 Pages.

Item code: RBSBFF066-0.

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