Deva Liquid Hand Soap is a mild but effective formulation that removes grimes, stubborn odors.

Leaves hands smelling fresh and clean.

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Felce Azzurra Floor Detergent – Lavender – classic lavender scent for the floor in the kitchen, bathroom and all washable surfaces.

The detergent removes dirt and degreases easily leaving a fresh scent to clean.

Its intense perfume, due to the effect of continuous perfume 24 hours, leaves for the whole day in your home the unmistakable fresh perfume.

Instructions for use: For large areas add 2 caps in a half bucket of water, no rinsing required.

For stains and difficult dirt, pour a few drops directly on the stain and then rinse with a damp cloth.

For surfaces that come in contact with food, rinse with plenty of water! Grams: 1lt

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