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How to sell on Rent Buy Sales?

1-REGISTER your SHOP for free

Do you have a good item to sell on Rent Buy Sales? It’s good news! We invite you to ‘REGISTER SHOP’.

2-Start selling

To post your item, go to the “Start Selling” tab in the Main Menu. We ask you some simple information, i.e. a title, a description, measurements, style and some photos (2 minimum). Be as transparent as possible so that the customer does not have a bad surprise!

The main photo of the product must represent it in full and on a plain background (white preferably) before being cut out in square size (example: 1000×1000 pixels).

The images should be under 2MB.


Our selection team looks at your item from all angles. If needed, the selection team will tell you what changes to make to enable a quick sale.

That’s all, your ad is ready to be published!

4-Package details

Package Main benefit to you Charge Commission applied by RBS Your duties
OWN BOSS You advertise your business details or website or social media page GHC 65 per month OR GHC 150 for three months 0% if the buyer deals with you only10% if the buyer purchases your item through RBS Take pictures that comply with our policies Post your items through the ‘Start Selling’ Tab on the RBS website Update on the stocks available Agree on delivery terms with buyers
STRESS-FREE You increase your sales.
RBS handles for you the posting and the delivery to the buyers
Free 10% of the item cost Update on the stocks available
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