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Interview with Rent Buy Sales Ltd

  • Introduce RBS?

RBS stands for Rent Buy Sales, which is a limited Company operating in Ghana with headquarters in Accra.

RBS offers various services among which we have an e-commerce platform accessible on www.rentbuysales.com

On this platform, one can access and purchase items from different categories. Categories as Fashion, electronics, decoration, provisions and many more.

  • What is the peculiarity of this platform?

The amazing thing on www.rentbuysales.com is, browsers can just “add to cart” items they are interested on and proceed with required information to get a doorstep delivery. It is simple, reliable and fast.

Items available on www.rentbuysales.com  are of premium quality. We make sure needed information about the item is mentioned in the description for the browser to feel as he/she is touching the items. Besides we always provide accurate pictures, then what the browser sees is what he/she can expect after a purchase.

  • How long has RBS been in the system?

We launched our e-commerce platform on September 2018 but we were dealing in properties          rental for a decade now.

  • Is there any other service offered at RBS?

Yes, our e-commerce platform is not our only department. We offer various services all e-services classified in different departments. So besides our e-commerce platform we have a property department Rbscity and a handyman mobile application, DoviApp.

All our services are accessible form www.rentbuysales.com in the category list.

The property department Rbscity accessible on www.rbscity.com

This department deals with rental, sale and purchase of properties within Accra Ghana. We help individuals to acquire their dream or needed property or a land in Accra and Nsawam. We also offer management and renovation services for properties.

The handyman mobile application, DoviApp

The application is currently under maintenance and will be back in the market very soon.

It will be available to download on Google Play Store and Apple store for free. As the description suggests, the handyman application is all about handymen services in various domains such as Electrician, plumber, welder, hairstylist, painter and many more. It allows the consumer to locate and request handymen services while it exposes handymen to more customers. New categories can be added to the list available on the application anytime when there is a need for it.

DoviApp is available in two version, one for the consumer and an another one for the handyman.

  • Where is RBS located?

RBS main office is located at Kingsby, New Achimota within Accra-Ghana.

  • Why the name Rent Buy Sales?

Rent Buy Sales because as a mother company we want to propose items or properties for rent, to buy at special sales every day.

  • Do you do wholesales?

We just launched a new opportunity of acquiring RBS Fashion items at a wholesale price. You can browse on our website to get to see the type of items available in fashion from dresses, skirts and blouses. Contact RBS on +233 50 667 8600 for further inquiries.

  • How long does it take you to deliver an item?

RBS offers delivery within Accra, so most of our deliveries are done the same day we received       the order. In case we have many orders for one day, latest is the nest day. So we can say 48 hours after placing an order.

  •  RBS special sales and promo

If you are a fan of special sales and promo then www.rentbuysales.com is the website to save on your browser. Indeed there is always items at special sales or promo up to 60% discount. Is it not amazing? Enjoy it on www.rentbuysales.com

  • RBS Ambition

Make e-shopping a reality in Africa, simple and reliable.

  • Last word

Experience amazing shopping on www.rentbuysales.com

Visit the platform today and enjoy special sales on quality and premium items.

  • Contact

Tel/WhatsApp: +233 50 667 8600

Email: rentbuysales.com@gmail.com