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How to look simple but fashionable?

How to look simple and fashionable?

One way or the other, we all want to be fashionable and at the same time simple when it comes to outfits. We want to meet the trend of the day. Well, how fashionable do you think you are looking at the trend of the day? Here are some simple but fashion tips for you to consider when stepping out.

The wrong outfit can ruin even the best photo and it’s something that no amount of retouching can fix. The problem is that dressing for a photo is not the same as dressing for real life, so what works in one situation doesn’t always work in the other. Here are a few easy-to-follow rules that make it a lot easier to take a fabulous photo, no shopping required:

1. Wear a bright color close to your face.

Dark colors can wash you out.  Even if you like to wear all-black, a small pop of color — even white! — worn close to your face can do wonders for brightening up your look and making you appear more rested.

2. Throw on a pair of sunglasses.

First and foremost, sunglasses are cool. Second, covering your eyes can be a great way to hide tired eyes you didn’t have time to make up or, well, any lingering hangovers from the night before.

3. Go for an open neckline.

An open neckline makes your neck look longer, which is always flattering. Plus, people are trained to notice skin, so it’s a great way to catch the eye and direct it towards your face.  

4. Stick to simple, graphic prints that are easily understandable to the eye.

Prints are great, but when someone looks at your photo you want them to be focused on you, not trying to figure out what print is on your dress. 

5. Wear your jacket on your shoulders.

The way the jacket flares out from your shoulders hides your upper arms and makes the rest of you look longer and leaner by comparison. It may feel a little awkward at first, but the effect is definitely worth it

6. Use a hat to help frame your face.

A hat worn high on the back of your head creates a kind of halo effect around your face — it’s sort of like drawing a bull’s eye on the photograph with you at the center.

7. Pile on textured pieces.

Whether it is distressed denim, (faux) fur, feathers, studded leather, or even just a fuzzy sweater, texture is great for adding visual interest to a photo.  It also makes your skin look smoother and more even by comparison.

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