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How www.rentbuysales.com works.

How www.rentbuysales.com works? www.rentbuysales.com is the e-commerce department for Rent Buy Sales Ltd. This platform allows you to do online shopping. Shop items from various categories such as kitchen items, home decor, electronics, fashion and many more. Place orders online and get them delivered to your doorsteps within Accra. On www.rentbuysales.com we offer items on […]

Interview with Rent Buy Sales Ltd

Introduce RBS? RBS stands for Rent Buy Sales, which is a limited Company operating in Ghana with headquarters in Accra. RBS offers various services among which we have an e-commerce platform accessible on www.rentbuysales.com On this platform, one can access and purchase items from different categories. Categories as Fashion, electronics, decoration, provisions and many more. […]

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